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Tips and Warnings for First-TIme Cosplayers!(by admin Masshu)

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Tips and Warnings for First-TIme Cosplayers!(by admin Masshu)

Post by masshu on Mon Aug 13, 2012 3:58 pm

Here are some Tips and Warnings that can help you on your first cosplay experience:


1. You should wander around the whole venue of the event( this is why cosplayers get more attraction, and getting more photographers).

2. You should smile oftten( well, not that very often, because of the stressXD but just make sure that u don't show a negative side of your face since it ruins the "perfection" of your desired cosplay).

3. Try to join any mini-games they have on the event. Well, this tip depends on you.

4. Talk to some otakus( This one is a very hard one, but a very good experience. It makes you sociable and you can make friends with other people that shares the same interests as you.)

5. When taking pictures of another cosplayers, try to tap them on the shoulder(yes, the SHOULDER) and ask them. If other people are too busy taking pictures of them, try to wait and ready your camera to take a shot. If other photographers are finished in taking pictures, signal the cosplayer that you want to take a picture.

6. Enjoy the event. Don't just walk around and lurk on the sides and corners of the venue. Try to interact with the staffs, otakus, con-goers, and other people since the event isn't just limited to japanese culture.


1. Don't try to show your cellphone. Even if they saw it already, don't let them use it. Instead, you should be the one who will dial the number he/she is going to call or text.(Because some people tried to use the cellphone somebody to call for emergency, but in the end, it got stolen. What about your emergency issues?)

2. No CRITICISM.( This is a let-down to all cosplayers. Criticism is not a very good aspect when it comes to cosplay events, since it ruins the cosplayer's confidence. Take note that "WE COSPLAYERS COSPLAY TO EXPRESS, NOT TO IMPRESS.")

3. Don't overdo your cosplay.( Some cosplayers (particularly to girls), have revealing costumes. Others(some boys), have even shameful cosplays. Please stick to your morals, since we're humans, not mannequins. Some have makeups that eventually irritate their skins and some even use hazardous materials--take an pentelpen for example-- and cause their bodies to be destroyed by the chemicals.)

4. This is also a part for #3: NO LUST. (Just because you saw a beautiful cosplayer doesn't mean that you will ask her/him to go out with you. The event isn't about "love-hunting". It's about "expressing japanese culture".)

5. Don't fight in small matters.( If another otaku appreciates an anime or manga that you mostly disliked, just get along with it. It doesn't hurt you, right?)

6. Try to have a background check on those you're gonna meet the first time, in other words, "EYE-BALLING."( Because some people are just like, "Hey, I want to meet you." then the victim might get raped, stolen, or even kidnapped. Most cases in this are usually rape for girls. Remember, DO A BACKGROUND-CHECK)

7. Don't bring deadly materials in the event.( Unless it's a material that you will use to fix your cosplay-- such as: scissors and cutters. In bringing toy firearms, bring a pellet gun and don't bring any pellet bullets to make sure.)

8. In taking pictures, just take a whole body-shot, half-body shot or a face-shot.( Some stalkers and voyeurs take pics in several places)

Remember, a TRUE cosplay was created through time, budget, stress, patience, and passion.

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Silver Crow

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Re: Tips and Warnings for First-TIme Cosplayers!(by admin Masshu)

Post by Zero on Sun Sep 16, 2012 9:59 am

Nice Tips ^___^


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